***PLEASE NOTE***  I am not trying to be rude in any way, BUT...
Any puppy that we do not keep for ourselves, or for the show ring, will
STRICTLY be placed in a loving PET HOME, on a spay/neuter contract, and with
responsible owners who have nothing less than full intentions of spaying or
neutering the puppy they purchase from us.  We make no exceptions to this!!  
We are here for the betterment of the Pug breed.  The well being of the breed,
and the well being of our own pug children, comes before anything else!!
Hill Country Pug's
Available And/Or Up-Coming Babies
Hill Country Pugs occasionally has puppies available to those looking for a healthy,
well bred Pug puppy from a responsible, ethical breeder.  When we have a litter,
we carefully evaluate and select puppies that will contribute to the future of our
breeding program, and the future of the Pug breed as a whole.  For those
puppies that do not stay with us, or go to a show home, we will carefully select
responsible, loving, pet homes (includes a spay/neuter contract) for placement.  
Please feel free to inquire about our precious puppies, or up-coming breedings.   
   UPDATED 11-12-17
~~ Puppy Deposits are Non-Refundable ~~
Hill Country Pugs offers a limited number of companion Pug puppies during the year.  
If a deposit is accepted,it will be half of the purchase price, and will only be accepted
when; there is an available puppy for the person or family purchasing it, we have spoken
extensively, and there is a mutual agreement that we, as the breeders, and you, as the
person/family looking to adopt one of our Pug children, are a perfect match.  
Please know up-front that the price of our puppies can range up to $1,800,
depending on the individual puppy.  We put A LOT of time, effort, and
money into our Pugs and our breeding program, and we do not take placing
them lightly.  We also do not want to waste your time, and/or vice versa, if you
are not looking for the standard of companion Pug that we offer.  

If you are interested in adopting a Pug from us, you may start the process by
emailing me with DETAILED information regarding you, your household,
and what you are looking for in the way of a new family member.  
Be sure to include where you are located, a phone number that you can be
reached at, and any question you may have for us.

Whether adopting from us, or someone else, we are always willing to provide
individuals or families with information to help them make a knowledgeable
and informed decision when it comes to purchasing and bringing a new
puppy/family member into their home.
Hill Country Pugs currently has 2 loving, feisty little
boys (pictured below) available to approved companion
homes.  Please contact us for information regarding
these boys.  Please send us an email with information
about you and your household when making an inquiry.