Maskarade's Catch Me If You Can
CH Maskarade's Thrill Ride      X       Maskarade's D' Blonde Bombshell
Shelly is SUCH a wonderful, smart, and loving girl.  She has also proven to be a wonderful
producer.  In her first litter, Shelly produced
CH Hill Country's Tag I'm It, which is now a
Multiple Best in Show Winner, A Specialty Winner, and Multiple Group Winner.  There is so
much of this sweet girl in her offspring...  The most mentionable being, great conformation,
great toplines, rear angulation, beautiful clear coats, and for some, their ability to "talk".  
Shelly is quite the "talker" herself, and she, just like her half sister, Lizzy, has an abundance
of radiant energy and personality!!! We could not be happier, or feel more blessed to own this
beautiful girl, and have her be such a huge asset to our breeding program.   
Shelly with Little Buns In The Oven...
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe -
Which one's the winner of Best in Show??
This is Shelly "in training" with her bestest buddy in the world, Bri, who is the youngest
daughter of my best friend, Susan.  These two are inseparable, and Shelly will do ANYTHING
that Bri asks of her.  The bond between the two of them is one that cannot be broken, and for
that reason, it didn't take long before Shelly took up residence with Susan and her girls.